A Free Monthly Teleseminar Series on Accessing the Wisdom of Your BodySoul: An Interview with Marlene Schiwy on her book “Simple Days: A Journal of What Really Matters”

Colleen Russell
May 6, 2013

Learn how to access the wisdom of your BodySoul and discover your soul's unique story with this Free Monthly Teleseminar Series with Colleen Russell, MATP.
Once a month, Colleen will interview leaders from the BodySoul community with expertise in women's journeys and their quest for wholeness. This interview will be with Marlene Schiwy on her book Simple Days: A Journal on What Really Matters.
You will learn how to: find your voice, discover your truth, remember the sacredness of the body, awaken your creativity, embrace 铁汇 your shadow, heal, reconnect, stand in your power, uncover the symbolic language of dreams…and so much more. Come home to yourself!
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May 6, 2013, Monday, 2:00 pm (PST). Times and dates of the interviews will vary each month.

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