About Our Faculty

Our senior faculty, Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner, created a week-long, intensive program called BodySoul Rhythms®. Over three decades, they have offered this program internationally, revising and refining it until it has become a carefully designed series of sequential lectures and experiential exercises. The curriculum, format, and depth of the program enables participants to understand and experience the BodySoul work in a consciously embodied way. Each participant works with her own dreams, imagery, body responses, and voice. Music, art, creation of masks, and ritual are the fundamental dynamic processes that support creativity, integration, and individuation.

As many women experienced the BodySoul Rhythms® intensives multiple times, programs evolved naturally. The Leadership Training Program was created to provide those with a deep experience of this work to apply the principles in their own professions. As demand grew, new teams (who met the qualifications described under Faculty Qualifications) were hired by MWF to teach this work as well.

Our senior faculty is changing as Marion Woodman retires and Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner pursue new horizons in their work. Our Faculty now consists primarily of women who have trained extensively with the three founding teachers, and whose own professional background provides them with the training and experience  necessary to teach this work. Faculty for Marion Woodman Foundation Core Programs is chosen based on specific guidelines developed by the senior faculty and the Marion Woodman Foundation Board’s Curriculum Committee.

Senior Faculty


Assistant Instructors