About Us

The Marion Woodman Foundation, established in 2002 is a nonprofit organization created to ensure the continuation of BodySoul Rhythms® in the world.

Created and refined over three decades by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner, BodySoul work grew from C. G. Jung’s deep psychological insights and Marion Woodman’s passionate commitment to articulating the sacred feminine and bringing embodied consciousness into our lives.

The Marion Woodman Foundation is now a vibrant community of women and men dedicated to practicing and broadening the reach of BodySoul Rhythms®. We continuously draw on the insights of C. G. Jung and Marion Woodman bringing the unconscious to consciousness and embracing the unlived life while enhancing, deepening, and making this work accessible in the world.

Marion has since retired from teaching, but her programs have continued to be offered by those who have gone through a Leadership Training Program with the Marion Woodman Foundation. See Current BodySoul Community Workshops page.

2017 is the year we celebrate a new direction of the Marion Woodman Foundation!  In the past 15 years over 1,650 participants from more than 25 countries have joined us on this BodySoul journey. In the coming years we want to expand our outreach to YOU. We aspire to be the place where anyone who is interested in Marion and her work can find a familiar community and many resources to further their interest and commitment.  We have lightened our structure, reduced our expenses, and offer more to YOU, our community supporters.

We will be updating everyone with new information on the website as it becomes available. See the News information on this website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Program Office at office@mwoodmanfoundation.org.