Addiction: The Flight from Life (Ongoing Professional Development Group, Module 9)

Marian Dunlea and Susan Adams
April 12-15, 2012

“Usually, we associate ‘addiction‘ with food, drugs and sex. Yet anything that begins to dominate and control our lives, regardless of cost to our well being can become an addiction – perfectionism, work, order, analytic thinking, approval, money, the Internet, intensity, worry,……When addicted to an emotion, thought pattern, or action, we are powerless to rest or exercise choice…” (Marion Woodman, Jill Mellick, Coming Home to Myself)


In this workshop we will work with myth and the patterns of addiction that are rooted in our bodies’ storylines and see how they shape our neurobiology. Healing images from our dreams and bodywork will act as powerful resources to bring the addiction cycle to consciousness and allow the Soul to guide us toward wholeness.


Co Presenter: Susan E. Adams is Chairperson of the Board of the Marion Woodman Foundation and has completed the leadership training. She is Owner/Partner in the Tree House Learning Community, a co-educational residence and study support program for college students in recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction. She has been in recovery since 1992.


Recommended Reading List:
Addiction to Perfection, The Owl was a Baker’s Daughter, Pregnant Virgin all by Marion Woodman

War of the Gods in Addiction by David E. Schoen

Alcoholism and Women: The Background and the Psychology by Jan Bauer


April 12-15, 3pm Thursday-11:30am Sunday. Please arrive earlier so you can settle in to your room and have a cup of tea before we start working in the afternoon.


While this program is geared to women in the Professional Development Program, women who have completed at least one BodySoul Rhythms® Intensive and have experience in other settings may be eligible to attend, with permission of the instructor. These modules are both experiential and educational in content. 

How to Register:

Contact Marian Dunlea at


Accommodation is shared; there are only a few single rooms but, if necessary, we can use a B&B close by. But you will need transport to and from the centre.

Transport to and from the Boghill is by way of Dublin, Shannon or Cork airports. (Boghill is approximately 45 minutes, by car, from Shannon Airport). There may be lifts available from other participants or a group of participants may wish to rent a car. Visit for details on Boghill travel and accommodations.


475 Euro. There is a bursary available. To apply please contact Marian at