Caves of Painted Dreams: Dreams, Symbolism and Mindfulness in the Painted Caves of France

Carol Aalbers
May 18-25, 2015

The painted caves of southwestern France are the perfect metaphor for the internal journey to the unconscious that we experience each night in dreams. Symbol and metaphor have been the language of humankind since the first dawning of consciousness and nowhere is that more evident than in these beautifully painted caves which likely functioned as sacred spaces for early humans. C.G. Jung and Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman believe that in learning to remember and attend to our dreams, we can discover more about ourselves and our relationships to others. Neuropsychologists now believe that these cave images are most likely dream or meditation images, reinforcing the value of dreams and the interior life humans have celebrated since the dawn of time. The practice of mindfulness will enhance our experience and appreciation of the caves and the beautiful images therein.


Each day we will have a dream workshop after breakfast and will visit one of the painted caves in the area. We will eat lunch together for discussion and some afternoons you will be free to hike, kayak, bike, rest, or visit some of the other wonderful sights in this area including castles of all sorts, duck farms, foie gras factories and wineries. We will reconvene in the evening to experience ways to further amplify dreams with art, music and movement, and guided imagery zovirax generic.

This workshop is suitable for professionals as well as lay persons interested in dreams, symbolism and mindfulness.


May 18-25, 2015, 4 pm Monday-11 am Monday

How to Register:

Contact Carol Aalbers at (775) 882-0687 Ext 211 or or Please go to the events tab on the Registration Link website below


We will stay at La Tour de Cause, a beautifully renovated farmhouse. There are 5 rooms which can accommodate 10 people. Beds are an oversize queen bed which can be shared. A limited number of single rooms are available. The Bed and Breakfast is owned by Californians, Caitlin and Albert Woodbury. Please visit the website at to see the B&B, pictures of the area and a map to orient you.


Two persons in a room: Workshop fee $1400 each, plus approximately $400 each in Euros paid directly to the B&B

Workshop fee includes all meals, site entrance fees, and archeologist/guide services

Single Room: Please call or email for information


26 CEUS are available for Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers