Transform Your “Inner Masculine” and Unleash the Creativity of Your Soul

Colleen Russell and Tamara Ryan Brody
April 10-May 1, 2014

The animus is the term coined by Carl Jung used to describe the masculine characteristics and/or unconscious male side of the female psyche which in a woman consists of inferior judgments and opinions.


Marion Woodman says “In all individuals there are two energies (masculine and feminine), that strive to find harmonious balance. Sometimes they repel; sometimes they attract. To grow our full potential, we have to allow these energies space to grow, interact, and transform.”


In this workshop we will build on the work of Carl Jung and Marion Woodman to bring the masculine in a woman to consciousness.


This course is a 4-week exploratory online E-Course with Colleen Russell, MATP and Tamara Ryan Brody, MA.


Explore the wounds of the “inner patriarch” and transform the masculine within. We will cover this and much more in our four weeks together!


Week 1: Call #1-Who or what is the Inner Masculine? Why should I care?


Week 2: Call #2-Examining your inherited and collective stories


Week 3: Call #3-The many faces of the Masculine/Healing the Inner Masculine


Week 4: Call #4- The Inner Beloved/Creating a Sacred Union


Imagine your life where you are fully empowered to make your creative dreams come true…where your relationships and work in the world are joy-filled and meaningful.


What you will receive from this class:

• 6 hours of teleconference calls divided into four 90 minute meetings-Tamara Ryan Brody, M.A. and Colleen Russell, MATP. All calls will be recorded, so you DO NOT have to be live on the call. You can download them to your computer and listen to them at your own pace.

• Guided visualizations

• Weekly audios and videos sent via email sharing relevant information and our own journeys

• Weekly journal prompts

• Weekly art and movement activities that will ground the transformational energies

• Membership in a private Facebook group where you can have a safe space for sharing, supporting others, and connecting with a tribe in a deep, meaningful way

• Definitions so that we all are speaking the same language

April 10, 17, 24 and May 1, Thursdays at 5pm PST/6pm MST/7pm CST/8pm EST. The calls will run one and a half hours in length.

How to Register:




A Free Monthly Teleseminar Series on Accessing the Wisdom of Your BodySoul: Women and the Path of Individuation interview with Jungian Analyst Meg Wilbur and Dorothy Anderson, PhD

Colleen Russell
January 20, 2013

Learn how to access the wisdom of your BodySoul and discover your soul's unique story with this Free Monthly Teleseminar Series with Colleen Russell, MATP.


Once a month, Colleen will interview leaders from the BodySoul community with expertise in women's journeys and their quest for wholeness. The first interview in this series will be with Jungian Analyst, Meg Wilbur and Dorothy Anderson, PhD, "Women and the Path of Individuation".


You will learn how to: find your voice, discover your truth, remember the sacredness of the body, awaken your creativity, embrace your shadow, heal, reconnect, stand 外汇交易平台 in your power, uncover the symbolic language of dreams…and so much more. Come home to yourself! To be put on email list to receive notice of teleseminars go to:


January 20, 2013, Sunday, 2-3:30 pm (PST). Times and dates of the interviews will vary each month.

How to Register:

Go to and sign up for Free Bi-monthly newsletter. Exact times, date, and call-in numbers will be sent to you a week before the interview date.