Body Soul Writing

Marlene Schiwy and Heather Miller
August 16-20, 2010

“The Handless Maiden, by comprehending herself, creates, rebuilds, transforms the hidden aspects of her unconscious world and establishes a domain of true freedom.”
                              Gertrud Mueller Nelson, Here All Dwell Free

C. G. Jung asked himself, “What is the myth you are living?” and discovered that he did not know. That became the “task of tasks” to which he devoted his entire life. Until we know our own story, we have little grasp of the unique and astonishing significance of our individual lives.

This summer we will be working with The Handless Maiden, a beautiful fairy tale about the search for the missing feminine realm and our own lost creativity. We will explore the handless maiden in ourselves and ask, “How can we replace her silver hands with living hands so that she can live an authentic life?”

Based on the work of C. G. Jung and Marion Woodman, this program brings myth and dreamwork, guided meditation and art, music and gentle movement into the writing process. Class time will also include film excerpts of The Way of the Dream with Marie Louise von Franz, and of Marlene’s interviews with Marion Woodman. We will explore the mythic patterns at the heart of our personal stories and what it means to write those stories from an embodied perspective. Body Soul Writing is for those who have already done a course in personal writing, or with permission of the instructor.

August 16-20, 2010, Monday-Friday


How to Register:

Contact UBC Writing Centre, 604-822-9564,; or contact Marlene Schiwy at