Online & Webinar Workshops

We are happy to announce upcoming and ongoing BodySoul Community Workshops that are either offered online and or in a webinar series. Some of these workshops/series have specific dates, while others can be referenced at any time.


Webinar Series (available any time)


Soul’s Body® Webinar Series with Tina Stromsted

Join Tina Stromsted’s webinar series related to Body/Psyche/Soul Work in the transformative process. Continuing education units are available.

Soul’s Body®: Healing the Body/Psyche/Soul Split Through Conscious Embodiment
This 90-minute workshop explores the Body/Psyche/Soul aplit, how it manifests somatically, and how to engage conscious embodiment for healing.

Embodied Alcehmy Authentic Movement & the Somatic Unconscious
This 70-minute workshop explores the different stages and operations of the Alchemical process and how they relate to healing and development.

Alchemy: Body & Soul in Transition
This 60-minute workshop follows the alchemical process from life’s earliest beginnings, through the stages of growth, death, dismemberment, despair and new life illuminated through the work of a contemporary painter.

Dates: Available any time

Led by Tina Stromsted

Fee: Webinars available individually for $69; or bundle of 3 with lifetime access for $165. The webinars are available any day/time.

To Register: To Register or for more information go to