Submit a BodySoul Community Workshop

Graduates of the BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program are eligible to teach MWF BodySoul Community Workshops. Graduates should submit a workshop proposal which will be reviewed. Your proposal will either be approved or you will be contacted with further questions. Once the proposal is approved (and current membership fee is paid as this is a member benefit), it will be published on the website.

When submitting your proposal, consider how your workshop meets the three requirements:
1. Do I have a Jungian orientation teaching Woodman and Jung, honoring the unconscious and listening to the dream?
2. Am I including experiential work with body and/or voice?
3. Am I including/using a means of creative expression?

The proposal form should be submitted online -see below.  Please include a short bio blurb (you can also update your bio) and photograph (headshot) with your request (if you haven’t already submitted a photo or want to update).

If you have questions, contact Thank you.

Submit a BodySoul Community  Workshop:

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