Bread of Understanding, Water of Wisdom, Integrating the Sacred Feminine

We invite women to nourish their souls by immersing themselves in feminine images of the divine, drawn from many sources. The process will immerse participants in archetypes and images of the divine feminine in sacred literature, mythology, the natural world, poetry and art; and in their own dreams and stories.

The retreat offers an opportunity to heal the imbalance caused by the dearth of feminine images of the divine in western spiritual culture. It follows an experiential pathway, enabling women to have a body-felt experience of the sacredness of their own femininity and their relationship with the source of life.

Additional autumn workshop (date to be determined), St. Claret Centre, Buckden Towers, Buckden, Cambridgeshire.


How to Register:

Contact Madeleine O'Callaghan at 01223 213451,; 42 Peverel Road, Cambridge, CB5 8RH, UK; additional contact is Pauliine Sayhi at 0779 6131469





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