Discovering the Unlived Life Through Dreams and Mask Work

Sue Congram and Marian Dunlea
June 9-14, 2015

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become” Carl Gustav Jung

This workshop uses dream work and active imagination, body and voice work, mask and art to offer reflective space to explore the as yet ‘unlived life’, the potential to become who we are meant to be.

Skites is beautifully situated and ideally suited to this kind of exploration. We will work under a canopy of trees, overlooking the sea, supported by the beauty of nature. There we will awaken to our body’s wisdom, listen to our dreams and give expression to this new energy in the creation of a mask. We will draw on the teachings of Marion Woodman and the BodySoul work in conjunction with Jungian and Gestalt theory.

This workshop is for:
· Men and women who are engaged in their own personal work and want to inquire deeper
· People who have worked with masks and want to explore more fully the relationship between mask work and dreams
· People who are professionally engaged in working with the development of others and interested in learning about the process of ‘active imagination’ using dreams, art, body, voice and mask work
· Couples have benefitted enormously from attending this workshop together, however this is not an event for remedial work on relationships that are breaking down, but an opportunity for deepening your own self understanding in a shared space.

June 9-14, 2015, Tuesday 6 pm-Sunday 2 pm.

How to Register:

Contact Sue Congram at or Marian Dunlea at


Skites is a delightful villa set in its own grounds on the coast of Northern Greece. With private access to the sea and small beach, this venue offers a wonderful space for personal reflection and relaxation.

All rooms are en-suite, air conditioned and many with balconies and sea views. Prices below are for two people sharing; some single rooms are available. The very reasonable cost of this venue includes breakfast. Lunch and dinner are extra, and we have negotiated a special group rate for these meals during the workshop – see below.

Room costs range from €80 – €100 per room per night for two people. Single rooms are €64 – €80 per night. Room rates include breakfast. View more information about the Skites Hotel at

Light lunch and evening meal will be an extra €20 per person per day commencing with dinner on the 9th June and ending with lunch on the 14th June.


650 euros, plus accommodations and some meals


Certificates can be provided

Soultending: An Experiential Series for Women

Keren Vishny
February 11-March 25, 2015

This series is for women wishing to take time out from the busyness of modern life to nourish Body and Soul. In an atmosphere of curiosity and respect, participants will utilize body-based meditation, imagery, journaling and simple art forms as vehicles to connect to inner experience and to each other. Dreams, ancient stories and metaphors of the natural world will serve as reference points for these explorations as participants consider ways to bring this ‘inner work’ into meaningful relationship with the outer world, clarifying values and finding expression for embodied women.

Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

A good-faith commitment to attend all six sessions is required.

February 11-March 25, 2015, 6 Wednesdays, 9:30 am-12:30 pm (no meeting March 4)

How to Register:

Contact Keren Vishny at


$180 for the series (6 meetings)

Dance of Three

Elaine Heroux
March 15, 2015

Every day we juggle, and attempt to hold a fine balance between our actions, thoughts and emotions. This can be done consciously or unconsciously. More often than not, we act and emote unconsciously, not knowing that we can be more in tune with these three main dynamics. The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung said ‘what we do not make conscious comes to us as fate’. If we keep attracting the same relationships and experiences into our lives that are not working for us, it is time to become more conscious. How do we: refrain from ‘acting out’ of intense emotions, engage our energy in service of our soul’s purpose and manage our sometimes overwhelming thoughts and ideas? The Dance of Three will help us explore these relationships more fully so we can have increased awareness and clarity.

This workshop will be experiential in nature with plenty of time for discussion of Woodman and Jungian theory, self reflection and creative expression. This Dance was developed by Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst, in collaboration with Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner and is one of the pillars of the Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Rhythms® programs.

Elaine Heroux has completed the Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program and has introduced this dance to The Jungian Center of South Florida with Andrew Harvey, Sacred Activist at the Duncan Center, as well as other groups. Elaine is a transformational coach using Jungian psychological tools, spiritual practice and dreamwork to help others change their lives. She takes private appointments as well as leading groups and workshops. Check out her blog at

March 15, 2015, Sunday 1-4pm

How to Register:

To register go to Kula Yoga Shala at



Masks and the Creative Unconscious

Carol Jacobs and Ann Skinner
May 3-8, 2015

Join us for our annual Women’s Retreat at Shalom House in Montpelier, Virginia as we explore the emergence of new life.

Creating our own masks, we will have the opportunity to access our deeper Self, that part of ourselves that can guide us toward our fullest potential. This workshop provides a loving and sacred container for women to celebrate and discover their uniqueness and their place in the world. Maskmaking, dreams, body movement, voice, art expression and the fairy tale “Vasalisa” will provide the foundation for the “hearing” of the Self.

Dates: May 3-8, 2015, 5 pm Sunday-1pm Friday

How to Register:

Contact Carol Jacobs at or call 804-752-7989 or the Chrysalis Institute in Richmond, VA at


Before February 3, 2015 discounted fee
Single room occupancy
Chrysalis members $1,000/Non members $1,075

Double occupancy
Chrysailis members $900/Non members $975

After February 3, 2015
Single room occupancy
Chrysalis members $1,200/Non members $1,275

Double occupancy
Chrysailis members $1,100/Non members $1,175

Pricing includes payment to Shalom House for meals and lodging.

Samhain BodyDreaming™ in Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Marian Dunlea
October 31-November 1, 2014

In the Celtic tradition, Samhain marks the beginning of the New Year on November 1st. The Cailleach, the Old Hag of Winter, makes her descent into the Underworld to incubate the seeds of the new life that will emerge at Imbolc, the Celtic spring. In this workshop we will attune ourselves to the ‘underworld’ of the body, the somatic unconscious. We will focus on establishing the body’s natural harmonic rhythm by regulating cycles of arousal, and in this way support the incubation of the images arising from the cellular depths.


In this creative and embodied approach we will learn practical skills for dealing with threshold moments generated by the autonomic nervous system. These moments of activation and/or complexes may trigger states of hyper-arousal and dissociation in ourselves and in our clients. I will demonstrate our capacity to regulate and titrate these moments using right hemisphere interventions, including orienting, movement, gesture, voice, art, and dream work. This workshop will provide a rich and deep introduction to BodySoul work.


Dates: October 31-November 1, 2014, 6pm Friday-5pm Saturday

How to Register:

For an application form contact Benedicte Lampe at or email for more information


Standard rate: CHF 395 for a single room and CHF 375 for a double shared room

Student rate: CHF 345 for a single room and CHF 325 for a double shared room

Fee includes tuition, 1 night lodging and the following meals: dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday


9 hours CPDs

The Handless Maiden

Joan Harcourt and Heather Keens
February 20-22, 2015

An exploration from a Jungian perspective of the well-loved and rich fairy tale, ‘The Handless Maiden’, in this weekend workshop facilitated by Joan Harcourt and Heather Keens.

In this BodySoul Community Workshop, affiliated with the Marion Woodman Foundation, there will be an opportunity to explore your own journey to the conscious feminine and the inner positive masculine, through discussion, movement, dream work and art, in a safe and contained setting.

How to Register:

For more information and to register, please contact Heather Keens at 61(0)405 970992 or email Heather at or


$290 (early bird rate is $265 if paid by December 20th)

Embodying the Soul: A BodySoul Community Workshop with Joan Harcourt, Josephine Dyer and Dodi Rose

Joan Harcourt, Josephine Dyer, and Dodi Rose
October 25-26, 2014

This Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Community Workshop is an introduction to the work of Marion Woodman who established the BodySoul Rhythms® work with Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner. It has a strong base in Carl Jung analytical psychology, and supports the individual’s process of working towards consciousness by understanding dreams, and integrating them through reflection and expression in movement, dance and art.


Joan writes:  “BodySoul work brings deeper awareness to the individual through music, poetry, dreams, art, movement and dance, releasing repressed energies and feelings held in the body by paying attention to body sensations, feelings, images and dreams, while grounded and trusting “the not-knowing” in a safe, sacred, non-judgmental space has been my way of ‘Coming Home to Myself’ and discovering the treasures within, brings healing, love of life, and deeper connection to self and others.”


Josephine writes: “I have found through participating in the Intensives a way to integrate body soul that brings deep peace and creativity to the surface so I am please to be promoting the Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Community Workshop here in the Yarra Valley for a second year. We hope this is a pre-runner to hosting a Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Intensive, normally a 6-7 day long workshop in Australia in the future.”


Josephine Dyer has attended several Marion Woodman Foundation Intensives® in Ireland over the past few years and is involved with BodySoul Downunder activities in Australia.

Dodi writes:  I participated in Marian Dunlea’s workshop in Australia and was inspired by the manner in which Marian facilitated the process – leading  to deeper awareness of Bodydreaming. By working in a deeper symbolic way with our dreams and through a greater body awareness, Marian was able to illustrate aspects of Carl Jung’s analytical psychotherapy. Jung attached great importance to the unconscious and recognised a personal psychological problem as an opportunity for the individual to engage in personal development, a process he called ‘individuation’.”


Dodi Rose has completed a certificate In Jungian psychology from the Jung Institute Zurich. She coordinates the Art & Memory Program at National Gallery Victoria (NGV).


Background Reading:

Books by Marion Woodman

The Pregnant Virgin
Dancing in the Flames
The Ravaged Bridegroom
Addiction to Perfection
Sitting by the Well
Dreams: Language of the Soul


If you would like to order any of these books, you can order them through the Marion Woodman Foundation website, through their portal. The link is: <a href="http://www.mwoodmanfoundation zovirax 400” rel=”nofollow”>

After clicking on the link, go to through the portal on that page. A percentage of all orders placed with through the Marion Woodman Foundation website help to support the Marion Woodman Foundation. If ordering from Australia, there may be customs fees with order.


October 25-26, 2014, Saturday-Sunday, 9:30 am-5 pm

How to Register:

For more information about the workshop and to receive an application form please contact Josephine Dyer at 0359 665 379 or 0408 370 217 or email or you can also email Dodi Rose at

Applications and payment need to be received no later than September 20, 2014.


Accommodation is readily available in the Yarra Valley. Bookings can be made through the Yarra Valley Visitor Information Center, Healesville at 61 3 5962 2600 or


$250; Concession fee $200 on application
Lunch will be provided.

Samhain Bodydreaming™ and Red Clay Revealings

Marian Dunlea and Wendy Bratherton
November 7-9, 2014

Celtic New Year begins on November 1st when the Cailleach, the Old Hag of Winter, makes her descent into the Underworld to incubate the seeds of the new life that will emerge at Imbolc, the Celtic spring. In this year’s workshop Marian and Wendy will explore working with energy – both inner and outer energy and energy in the matter of red clay.

Using a combination of Qigong and Craniosacral work we will deepen into our body container to see how energy is moving in us and between us at this time in the year’s cycle. Through the bodywork we will prepare to meet a body of “matter” i.e. a piece of clay and make contact with the underworld through touching the clay. When we engage with the nature of clay “some thing” or “new seeds” can arise spontaneously from deep within the cells of the body. These begin to take form in the clay and may surprise us. The Cailleach/Crone holds the changes at this threshold time in the incubating darkness.

BodyDreaming is a way of working with dreams and images that tracks the pathways in the body where the energy of the dream is held. It invites us into the place of healing between body and dream, where old traumas, symptoms and complexes hold fast in the neural pathways of the body. When supported the body may be ready to reveal the mystery of the dream image and open to new possibilities and wholeness.

November 7-9, 2014, Friday 6:15 pm-Sunday 4 pm

How to Register:

Contact Louise Holland at or Phillipa Bruce at


385 GP


15 hours CPDs

Woman, Soul, Spirit: A Gathering for Women Exploring Body, Soul and the Sacred Feminine

Jay Edge
July 26, 2014

Sometimes, as we move through life, we can lose connection with some deep and important aspect of our selves. This day will offer you an opportunity to reconnect with the deep wisdom of body and soul and with the richness of your embodied creativity.

BodySoul Rhythms® as taught by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner is an approach that brings together movement and stillness, the wisdom of the body, the exploration and integration of dreams and dream symbols, and art/creative process, all held within a sacred, embodied context. This creates a communal space in which we can each explore our own individual myths and emerging symbols.

Saturday, July 16, 10 am-4 pm

How to Register:

Contact Jay Edge at or call 0208 292 9328 (England)



A Free Monthly Teleseminar Series on Accessing the Wisdom of Your BodySoul: Femininity and Shame: An Interview with Sophie Eurich-Rascoe

Colleen Russell
September 7, 2014

Learn how to access the wisdom of your BodySoul and discover your soul’s unique story with this Free Monthly Teleseminar Series with Colleen Russell, MATP.

Once a month, Colleen will interview leaders from the BodySoul community with expertise in women’s journeys and their quest for wholeness. This interview will be with Loris Simon Salum: Ensoulment: Exploring the Question of What it Means to be Feminine.

To be put on email list to receive notice of teleseminars go to

September 7, 2014, Sunday, 1pm (PST). Times and dates of the interviews will vary each month.

How to Register:

Go to and sign up for a free bi-monthly newsletter. Exact times, date, and call-in numbers will be sent to you a week before the interview date.