Cinderella: Alchemy, Magic and Transformation

Eva Rider
July 12-13, 2013

With this classic fairy tale, we delve into the 3-fold process of alchemical transmutation of the awakening consciousness which begins with a disintegration of the self we must shed, an incubation “cooking” down to essence and the emergence of the radiant self we are destined to become. Imagination is our magic wand as we incorporate dreams, art, music, movement and collage to weave a golden cloth of light in which the embodied soul can dance with Spirit.


This weekend explores the alchemy of Individuation through myth, fairy tale, and dreams through the creative process to embody Soul and reclaim our authentic self


This workshop is an integration of BodySoul Rhythms® work of Marion Woodman. Experience in art or movement is not required.


July 12-13, 2013, Friday 7pm-Saturday 6pm.

How to Register:

Contact and sign up on the contact or workshops page or
contact Eva Rider at or phone her
at 831-427-9108


The center in downtown Santa Cruz is a spacious art studio where we can spread out, paint, dance and play.


$210 for the weekend