Discovering the UnLived Life Through Dreams and Mask Work: A 5-Day Retreat in Denmark

Sue Congram, Marian Dunlea, and Maja Reinau
August 10-15, 2010

This event is for people who have done at least two years personal development work, who wish to deepen their self understanding and learn about the processes of active imagination and working with dreams.

The intention of the event is to provide a personal reflection retreat, building on dream circles, maskmaking, bodywork, voice and art. There will be some teaching on the dream process. Held in the lovely setting of Hegnegarden, on the island of Orø, situated in the fjords of Denmark, we will use the inner and outer space of nature's environment to share dreams, to connect with the unlived life, and develop personal masks as a symbol of new life. Each individual mask is made on the face reflecting authentic characteristics of the self, as well as a deeper archetypal form.

We will honour the discipline of morning silence, a time for self reflection, journaling dreams and meditation. Working with individual dreams we will follow the energy of the dream in the body, working with symbols and images in an embodied form. The energy and art forms that emerge are represented in the mask-making process, which becomes embodied through wearing the mask.

We will draw on a combination of Gestalt concepts and Jung’s idea of active imagination through the teachings of Marion Woodman, a Jungian Analyst who developed a way of working with the human psyche through the body, voice, art and dreams.

Recommended reading prior to the event:
The Pregnant Virgin – Marion Woodman (1985)
The Maiden King – Robert Bly & Marion Woodman (1998)
HE (revised edition) – Robert Johnson (1989)
SHE (revised edition) – Robert Johnson (1989)
The Robert Johnson books are particularly accessible as a first step into Jungian psychology, providing a useful introduction to the ideas which underpin the work of Marion Woodman.

August 10-15, 2010, Tuesday, 6 pm to mid-day,  Sunday


How to Register:

Contact Sue Congram at 44 1981 580040,; Further information and booking form can be found on and For payment in other currencies please contact Sue Congram or Jette Porting. Marian Dunlea, 35 3916 38228,; Jette Porting of GIS, 45 59 470017,



8,000 DKK includes accommodations, 7,500 DKK if paid in full by June 1.

Deposit: 1,000 DKK with your booking