Discovering the UnLived Life Through Dreams and Mask Work: A 6-day Retreat in Northern Greece

Sue Congram and Marian Dunlea
July 6-11, 2010

A workshop for men and women:

  • Who are engaged in their own personal work and want to inquire deeper
  • And/or those who have worked with masks and want to explore the relationship between mask work and dreams.
  • And/or those who are professionally working with the development of others and interested in 'active imagination,' using dreams, art, body, voice, and mask work

This event will be run as a personal reflection workshop with dream work, using bodywork, voice, mask, and art.

We will honour the discipline of morning silence and self reflection and journaling dreams. Then working with our dreams, we will see where the energy is moving in the body and how that opens the possibility to work with symbols and images in an embodied form. The energy that emerges is represented in the mask making process, then become embodied in the wearing of the mask. We will draw on the teachings of Marion Woodman and her BodySoul work in conjunction with Jungian and Gestalt theory.

July 6-11, 2010, Tuesday, 6 pm, through early afternoon of Sunday. Enrollment limited to 20 participants.


How to Register:

Contact Marian Dunlea, 35 391638228 Residents of Greece: Lia Zografou,, 231 10273659 or Sue Congram,, 44 1981-580040


Hotel Rohana, Halkidiki, Greece (which is a small private hotel). Rooms are en suite, air conditioned, full board, both single (additional fee) or double occupancy, available.


650 euros, includes accommodation and food