Dream Group – Monthly meetings

Caryn Aman
December 8, 2013

This soul-centered and educational group is designed for women who wish to explore their dreams in more depth within a sacred circle. The group meets once a month in Kent, Washington. During our time togther, we will explore the gifts of the unconscious through reading assignments, discussions, and the creative process in order to bring to consciousness the messages we receive from the Dream Weaver through our nightly dreams. We are working with Jung’s Red Book.  Participants will be asked to keep a dream journal.

Because this is an ongoing group, new members may join at any time.

This group meets in the home of one of our members. Members provide a potluck lunch part way through our time together.

Second Sunday of the month:  December 8, 2013, 1-5 pm.

How to Register:

Call Caryn Aman, MA at 503-430-8750, email her at carynaman@comcast.net, or visit her website at http://www.carynaman.com for more information