Elemental Dreaming: Cultivating Shamanic Awareness and Connection to Our Life Giving Earth (Sophia’s Domain)

Christine Van Camp Zecca
May 2-4, 2014

We will explore the Gnostic Myth of Sophia and how it relates to the Dreaming Earth. Grounded in the dream work of C.G. Jung and Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst, we will consult our dreams from the Middle Realm: concentrating on dreams of Animals, Hidden Folk, and Elementals of the Lower Realms, and Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters from the Upper Realm. Basic Journeying Skills will be taught to help us access dream figures and whoever else shows up to be of service to us. Sophia who is made manifest in life on Earth is the Embodied Earth in all of its dimensions.

We must find a way to live in harmony with the Ensouled Earth (Anima Mundi). We will work with bringing connections to our Tripartate Souls: Body Soul, Mental Soul and Over (Immortal) Soul using the heart as a doorway.

When we can find harmony between our body and mental souls we can then access our OverSoul. This is the Opus.

The afternoon sessions will be spent both journeying and integrating what we have seen, felt and/or heard, into our bodily experiences to help us become aware of the depth of our innate embodied wisdom.

After grounding into our bodies and rooting into the supporting earth beneath our feet, we will work creatively to facilitate bringing this into our conscious awareness via movement and expressive arts (including writing).

We will make talismans to embody that which we are sacrificing in order to bring a new level of awareness and increased consciousness to ourselves. We will offer these in ritual to the sea nearaby.

Christine will be co-teaching this workshop with Curt Wells who has been steeped in Buddhist meditation practice for over 30 years.

May 2-4, 2014, 11 am Friday-4 pm Sunday


How to Register:

Contact Christine Zecca at christinezecca@mac.com


$400, includes two dinners