Embodying Conscious Femininity: A Descent into Body and Soul: A Weekend Workshop

Linda Kawer and Sherry Wheaton
May 3-5, 2013

Embodying Conscious Femininity invites you to explore the frontiers of your unconscious in your own cellular being. Marion Woodman speaks of “the part of us who is outcast, the part who comes to consciousness through … mining our leaden darkness until we bring her silver out.”


You will have an opportunity to:

• Descend into the depths of this leaden darkness, touching into places where both old wounds and new potential reside

• Embody dream images, mine symptoms, explore movement and sounds, listen deeply to inner language and experiment with creative expression

• Inhabit the right brain’s implicit world of symbols, metaphors, and dreams

• Deepen your journey using fairy tales, journaling, dancing, and silence


We begin with the choice to go through a door into the descent. We end with the potential of new tools and the choice to close a door or to simply wait and listen. We begin to understand conscious femininity as deep presence to oneself and another, grounded in one’s own essence. We learn that change is possible by noticing, grounding, titrating, and gently expanding a resilience that allows us to stand in the presence of the unknown.


May 3-5, 2013, Friday, 6pm-Sunday, 3pm

How to Register:

Contact eOmega.org or call 800-944-1001.

For questions about the program contact Linda or Sherry at sherryandlinda@consciousfemininity.com


$295. Limited scholarships are available – application deadline April 1, 2013


14 CEU’s available for LCSW, MFT, and RN’s