Eros and Psyche: Awakening the Soul to Love, A Feminine Journey to Wholeness

Eva Rider and Majio
September 24-25, 2010

The Ancient Mythic Story of Eros & Psyche tracks the initiatory journey of The Sacred Marriage through sacrifice, loss, labor and redemption to claim the Self. Through Psyche’s journey to reunite with Love, we are mirrored in our individual struggle to reclaim our wholeness and give birth to Joy.

This weekend is a continuation of an ongoing series designed to transport us into the realms of Myth and Fairy Tale as a vehicle to invoke, mirror and bridge our personal story with the Archetypal world, allowing meaning to inform our lives through Creative Process. We will incorporate imagery, music, BodySoul movement, dream, ritual and large scale painting to bring us into a more expansive terrain to encompass our Emerging Selves.

This workshop will be led by Eva Rider and Majio, MA, mixed media artist.

No experience in art or movement is necessary.

September 24-25, Friday-Saturday

How to Register:

Contact Eva Rider at or 831-427-9108 or Majio at 831-420-1349



$190, plus $30 for art materials and digital images. $50 registration fee due by August 20 through PayPal at