The Handless Maiden – A BodyDreaming™ Ongoing Professional Development Module

“The Handless Maiden offers material for a woman’s entire life process, and covers a many- years-long journey. It is about women’s initiation through the rite of endurance, meaning to harden, to make sturdy, to make robust, to strengthen. Endurance means we are making something substantial.”  ~ C. Pinkola-Estes


What is it to be a woman today? What is it that is coming into consciousness individually and collectively at this time of great change? What are the values that we cherish? How do we embody this new consciousness? How might we find our own robust and sturdy action in a world which is crying out for the touch of the feminine?

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore these questions through the story “The Handless Maiden”, as well as through play embodiment, discussion and BodyDreaming™.

BodyDreaming™ is a way of working with dreams and images that tracks the pathways in the body where the energy of the dream is held. It invites us into the place of healing between body and dream, where old traumas, symptoms and complexes hold fast in the neural pathways of the body. When supported, the body may be ready to release this blocked energy and be restored to its inherent organic wisdom. Image and impulse align with greater ease and fluidity and we can feel the ground of our sensing body interweaving with psyche, recovering our connection with the living earth in a mutual participation.