Stars Beneath the Sea: The Legacy of Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman, an explorer of the depths, guided countless women and men on their personal journeys to self-discovery. Her work encouraged a dive into the waters of the unconscious, as mapped by Jung. Redeeming the embodied feminine, these explorations brought light to the denied, denigrated, dark body. A rich alchemical mix, Woodman integrated spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, art and science.

This talk and workshop illuminate the pioneering contributions of Marion Woodman, Ann Skinner and Mary Hamilton in the BodySoul Rhythms® approach, reflecting on the body/psyche/soul split, and the process of conscious embodiment in healing. This integrative approach can be applied to many aspects of work and life, such as Somatics, medicine, contemporary neuroscience, and attachment theory.Come join us for an opportunity to witness how Marion found light in the dark body, the stars beneath the sea!

The workshop will be held September 8, Friday 7:30-9pm

The Alchemy of Dreaming: An International Authentic Movement Retreat for Women and Men

“Our task is not to create more images of light, but to release the light that is trapped within the darkness.”
           – C.G. Jung


Save the date! The next international Authentic Movement retreat in Tuscany, Italy will be June 24 – June 30, 2017.

This international retreat will explore the impactful role of embodied experience and the spiritual dimensions of the healing process.  Alchemy’s basic elements can deepen our understanding of embodied transformation, experienced spontaneously through the practice of Authentic Movement. Dreams carry treasures that enhance the meaning and depth of this journey.

The Alchemists’ aim was to study nature and to learn from its profoundly regenerative capacities. So too, dreams reflect our inner landscape. This workshop revisits the work of dreams and Alchemy in relation to bodily experience in the process of healing and transformation through moving and witnessing practice, drawing elements from BodySoul Work, Jungian theory, embodied experience, dreaming, drawing, and writing.

Studio sessions will be supplemented by seminars focusing on questions arising from your personal explorations, as well as applications relevant to your creative and professional work.

This retreat is designed for those with a depth of experience in Authentic Movement, welcoming healing practitioners, clinicians, educators, artists, and those interested in growth and matters of the spirit.

Nestled in Tuscany’s beautiful rolling hills and vineyards, the private retreat center offers a peaceful, inspiring setting for self-renewal.  Walking trails, delicious Tuscan cooking and a swimming pool enhance the experience.

In-depth experience in Authentic Movement is vital. Some background in dreamwork, expressive arts therapy, BodySoul work or other forms of embodied creative exploration that engage conscious attention is necessary, as well as a background in personal analysis/psychotherapy. A working knowledge of English is important in order to understand and participate in the intricacies of the work. (Unfortunately it is not feasible to work with a translator as participants come from many countries and linguistic backgrounds.)

Brain, Mind and Body: Trauma, Neurobiology and the Healing Relationship

‘Coming Home to the Body: Healing the Body/Psyche/Soul Split through Conscious Embodiment’ celebrates the pioneering work of BodySoul Rhythms® and its contributions to engaging the body’s wisdom in healing work. Pioneers in the field will link body and mind research from biology to integrative healing methods in working with trauma, drawing from current affective neuroscience research, Jungian, and embodied approaches. Join us, as science marries soul! Sponsored by the Harris-Woodman Chair in Psyche-Soma at University of Western Ontario, Department of Psychiatry.

Guest speakers: In addition to Tina Stromsted, the following guests will be Allan Schore, Bessel van der Kolk, Margaret Wilkinson, Ruth Lanius, Ed Tick, Margaret McKinnon, Paul Frewen and Colonel Rakesh Jetly

Prerequisite: Designed for healing practitioners, mental and medical health professionals, and those who wish to deepen their knowledge of current research and integrative methods in working with trauma through brain, mind, and body integration within the healing relationship.

Alchemy: Body & Soul in Transition

Alchemy TinaAlchemy is most often understood as a primitive scientific attempt to create elemental gold, yet alchemy also sought the ‘inner gold’ through engaging the elemental makeup of matter – the wisdom of Nature- in order to reveal her secrets and evoke spiritual experience. So too, modern psychotherapy has the capacity to transform prima materia, the unwanted, uncomfortable material of everyday life, into something meaningful, thus helping us find the ‘gold’ in the shadow.

In this brief didactic and experiential seminar, images will be shown from a painter’s journey in becoming her true self, the treasure we all seek. Though deeply personal, her story reflects universal themes, such as the death of the protective adaptive self, the reawakening of the soul spark buried deep within, and the birth of the authentic self. Her images take us from life’s earliest beginnings, depicted as an embryo that lodges itself in an ordinary stone, through the stages of growth, death, dismemberment, despair and new life reshaped by the transformative elements of fire, water, wind, and earth. Here we see the alchemical process at work.

Participants will have an opportunity to witness the process as a whole, and to engage the alchemical metaphor in relation to bodily experience through movement and discussion.

This program will be held at the IAAP International Congress is Kyoto, Japan. A passport is needed to travel to Japan (from outside countries).

Prerequisite: This international analytical congress (IAAP) is open to members of the Marion Woodman Foundation.

Anima Mundi in Transition: Cultural, Clinical & Professional Challenges

PreConf TinaThis pre-congress day-long workshop interweaves theoretical, experiential, cultural and clinical material through presentations, embodied explorations, and discussion. We will explore dance/movement as a form of active imagination, with special attention to the living body in analytic practice. By listening to the body to access and express the imagination, individuals may discover inner-directed movement as a way to bridge the realms of conscious and unconscious, body and psyche, instinct and spirit, affect and image, memory and emergence.

This workshop offers a structure within which participants can both have a practical experience of their own moving imagination as well as enrich their understanding of its application to verbal psychotherapeutic practice.

Morning and afternoon sessions include short papers, images, discussion, bodily awareness, reflection, movement experience, dialogue and exchange. Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing and to bring a notebook and/or drawing materials to record their images and experiences.

This program is held as a Pre-Conference program at the IAAP International Congress in Kyoto, Japan. A passport is needed to travel to Japan (if coming from another country).

Tina Stromsted, Joan Chodorow, Antonella Adorisio, Margarita Mendez; with invited guests Takane Hirai, assisted by Yukari Sakiyama

Authentic Movement: Dance Therapy and the Moving Imagination

This course in Dance/Movement Therapy explores movement as active imagination in healing and transformation. Beginning with the contributions of early pioneers, we will engage Jungian concepts and their evolution into Authentic Movement, and explore more recent developments in the practice related to group and individual therapy.

Authentic Movement is a depth-oriented therapeutic approach, bridging body and psyche through natural movement, augmented by drawing and writing.

This course will reflect on the history of Authentic Movement, including Jungian theory, elements from BodySoul Rhythms®, neuroscience, discussion of the readings, and clinical applications of inner-sourced movement in therapy.

This workshop will deepen your understanding of moving and witnessing practice. In the process participants can continue to develop their ability to be present, with oneself and with another, in a more vital, increasingly conscious relationship, inviting a level of perception of self and other that can evoke deep respect and empathy.

Tina Stromsted

Tina Stromsted, PhD, MFT, LPCC, BC-DMT, RSME/T, is a Jungian Psychoanalyst, Board Certified Dance therapist and Somatics educator. Past co-founder and faculty member of the Authentic Movement Institute in Berkeley (1993-2004), and a founding faculty member at the Women’s Spirituality Program at California Institute of Integral Studies, she teaches at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, the Depth Psychology/Somatics Doctoral program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and as a core faculty member for the Marion Woodman Foundation. With over 40 years of clinical experience and a background in dance and theater, she offers programs at universities and healing centers internationally, and has a private practice in San Francisco.

Founder and director of Soul’s Body Center®, her work in further developing Authentic Movement, Dreamdancing®, Embodied Alchemy®, and other conscious embodiment practices can be found in her numerous articles, book chapters, and webinars which explore the integration of body, brain, psyche and soul in healing and transformation. Dr. Stromsted’s work supports individuals in listening for the soul’s call, and working with obstacles to its fulfillment – a process that can assist women and men in re-inhabiting their bodies, reclaiming their instinctual wisdom, and nourishing their authentic sense of self. Tina has studied with Marion Woodman since the 1980’s, co-facilitated Leadership Training Intensives and teaches BodySoul Community Workshops regularly for the Marion Woodman Foundation. She completed the Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program in 2003. For more information see Tina’s website at

Embodied Alchemy: Authentic Movement, Neuroscience and the Somatic Unconscious

Tina Stromsted
April 25, 2015

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of being….”  C.G. Jung

Many traditional verbal and cognitive therapies prioritize mental insight over the impactful role of embodied experience. Yet, as contemporary neuroscience shows us, genuine healing involves more than verbalization: deeper integration requires the body.
Alchemy, an ancient practice involving both material and spiritual elements, was rediscovered by C.G. Jung as he sought to understand the imagery in dreams. Jung noted that reappearing images heralded changes in the embodied psyche, reflecting a deeper transformative process at work.
Alchemy’s transformative processes can find expression through the practice of Authentic Movement, a therapeutic and meditative body/mind approach. Participants move in response to felt sensation, emotion and imagery in the presence of a compassionate witness, bringing light to the somatic unconscious.
In this workshop, participants will engage the alchemical metaphor in relation to the embodied individuation process as it relates to the practice of psychotherapy. Elements from Jungian theory, BodySoul work, neuroscience and attachment work will be interwoven and further integrated through drawing, writing and discussion.


Saturday, April 25, 2015, 9 am-5 pm

How to Register:

Contact Tina Stromsted at