Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Marion Woodman

Courtesy of Vernessa Foelix

Through her writing, teaching and mentoring, Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman inspired a generation of women as well as many men. She authored ten pioneering books which update and extend Jungian understanding of addiction, the psychology of the feminine, and the
interconnection of body and psyche. Passionate and courageous, Marion was deeply loved and touched many lives through her work. Join us to honor her memory, and learn more about her life, teachings, and legacy

Annual Women’s Retreat: Embodied Soul and Sacred Encounter

In the tradition of Carl Jung and Marion Woodman, we’ll explore the fairy tale “The Goose Girl”.

Mornings begin in silence, allowing us to harvest our dreams and greet the day. After breakfast, we’ll open to the sacred through shared ritual, poetry, and contemplative movement. With curiosity, respect and non-judgment, we’ll explore archetypal stories woven into our nighttime visions and waking challenges. The afternoons will continue the explorations of the morning using centering exercises, physical movement, and creative art expression. In the evenings, we’ll gather to share and close the day with sacred ritual. Return home with more clarity about relationships with yourself and others, an open heart, and a deeper sense of the sacredness of life.

This is for you if:
• You seek a deeper understanding of your place in the world.
• You’d like to do your inner work in a supportive community of women
• You’re open to new experiences: movement, dreamwork, spiritual exploration and creative expression

Natural Dreamwork Dream Circle

Path in the forest lit by golden sun rays

Dreams are a natural experience of body, heart and imagination. Rather than interpret dreams, in Natural Dreamwork we enliven them. At the heart of each dream are images that evoke wells of feeling; sacred encounters that inspire, stimulate, disrupt old patterns and heal.

Through dream sharing, contemplation, and simple experiential exercises, participants will have the chance to explore their dreams in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. In addition, participants will develop skills to work more deeply with dreams on their own.
This Dream Circle is open to participants of all backgrounds and levels of experience with dreams. Participants are asked to make a good faith effort to attend all 8 sessions.

8 Wednesdays: January 9, 16, 23, February 6, 13, 20, March 6, 13, 2019; 6:30-8:30 pm

Soultending: An Experiential Series for Women

This series is for women wishing to take time out from the busyness of modern life to nourish Body and Soul. In an atmosphere of curiosity and respect, participants will utilize body-based meditation, imagery, journaling and simple art forms as vehicles to connect to inner experience and to each other. Dreams, ancient stories and metaphors of the natural world will serve as reference points for these explorations as participants consider ways to bring this ‘inner work’ into meaningful relationship with the outer world, clarifying values and finding expression for embodied wisdom. Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. A good-faith commitment to attend all seven sessions is required.

Dates for all sessions: 7 Tuesdays, January 31-March 14, 2017, 9:30 am-noon

Finding Stillpoint: A Tribute to Marion Woodman

K.Vishny photo (V. Foelix) copy“Except for the point, the Stillpoint, there would be no dance, and there is only the dance”   TS Eliot

Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman gifted our generation with a deeper understanding of feminine psychology and the spiritual causes of addictions. She also taught about Stillpoint- the intersection of Time and the Timeless, Spirit and Matter. Through Stillpoint -in our dreams, our bodies and our waking struggles- we are able to connect to a Transpersonal Dimension that helps us heal and grow.

Keren will share her experience working with Marion, and teach about Stillpoint through discussion and meditations with sound and movement.

All are welcome (no prerequisites).

This program is part of The Dream Caravan.

Entering the Heart of the Dream

KerenVishny.Heart of DreamEnter the ‘Heart of your Dreams’. Learn how dreams ‘speak’ to each of us, showing us outgrown patterns of conditioning and neglected aspects of ourselves, and illuminate pathways to healing and spiritual connection. Through discussion, movement, drawing and other experiential exercises, participants will learn basic principles for working with dreams and begin to identify places of deep feeling and soul connection within their dreams. This workshop is suitable for new and experienced dreamers.

Please bring at least one dream written out on the day of the workshop.

Attendance at ‘The Gift of the Dream’ is helpful, but not essential. Beginning participants may also find it beneficial to schedule an individual dreamwork session with the instructor, prior to the workshop (for a nominal fee) . Contact Keren before January 20th at kvishny@gmail.com .

The Gift of the Dream: An Introduction

K.Vishny.Gift of the DreamDreams offer us the possibility of a sacred encounter: an opportunity to know ourselves more deeply and to connect with a Divine Source. There are many biblical and literary examples of sacred dream encounters. But what does it look like when a modern person embraces the dream as a path to the Soul? The work of David Blum shows us one view of this path.

Diagnosed with cancer at age 52, David discovered that drawing images from his dreams helped him cope with his illness in profoundly unexpected ways. He tells us, “I embarked on two journeys, one medical, the other spiritual”. Shortly before his death, David felt compelled to share his inner journey in the hope that his experience might inspire others. His efforts resulted in the film, An Appointment with a Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis.

The Gift of the Dream will include a viewing of David’s film, followed by a discussion. Keren will share her perspective on working with dreams, and provide guidance for participants wishing to begin or deepen their dreamwork practice. This program is suitable for both new and experienced dreamers and will provide an introduction for those wishing to register for ‘Entering the Heart of the Dream’.

Keren Vishny

Both a physician and psychotherapist, Keren now limits her practice to Natural Dreamwork and Mind-Body Wellness.  Keren has worked closely with Natural Dreamwork founder Rodger Kamenetz, as well as Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Marion Woodman Foundation and has completed the Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program. Keren is certified in Mind-Body Medicine and Zero Balancing®.  She is a faculty member at the CG Jung Center in Evanston, Illinois and has a private practice in Wilmette, Illinois. For more information visit http://www.kerenvishny.com