Jung, Woodman, and BodySoul: A New Seminar

Mary Hamilton, Ann Skinner, and Meg Wilbur
March 11-15, 2012

MAIDEN, VIRGIN, CRONE – the Experiment of our Lives

Virgin is the Beingness in us.  The I AM.
She is the initiated maiden.
[Woodman, “Age” CD]

Within us is the way, the truth and the life….
Who should live your own life if not yourself?
So live yourselves.          [Jung, Red Book]

Oh, what do you plan to do with your one
wild and precious life?          [Mary Oliver]

Set in the Southern California wine country of Santa Barbara, we are excited to announce a new Seminar focusing on the work of Marion Woodman. Based on Jung’s original psyche/soma connection that spoke so deeply to Marion while she was a student in Zurich, the BodySoul Rhythms® program is the practical application of Marion Woodman’s theories developed by Marion Woodman, Ann Skinner, and Mary Hamilton.

Marion Woodman Foundation intensives offer an experience of initiation based on an ancient pattern of “descent and renewal.”  In this process the participant may engage in a passage into her own underworld; an encounter with her shadow energies (negative and positive); and a re-emergence to the topside world, re-invigorated, carrying a “treasure” of new life seeking integration.

This seminar is designed for those women who have completed at least two Marion Woodman Foundation intensives; or who have participated in one of the four MWF Leadership Training programs.  It is based on an experiential understanding of the BodySoul Rhythms® process, and Woodman’s pioneering work on “embodied Jung.”

Our lives are an “experiment,” Jung said, created by a transpersonal force which he called the Self.  He writes, ”You see, the body is meant to live; it has to be served, and your Self has a very particular purpose with it, presumably…. It is an entirely individual question.  Inasmuch as we are individuals, our experiment is individual, and the point of life is that this particular individual should fulfill itself.”

The seminar will explore the “individual experiment” of our lives.  Thus, it’s focus will be on you, the individual, particularly related to your responses and growth through BodySoul Rhythms® work.

What have your experiences of this process brought you, taught you?

What are the significant “stepping stones” along your path?

Do they guide you still?

Or are they overgrown with moss…. or lost in the mists?

How do you live your “maiden, virgin, crone”?

How do you re-vitalize, renew?

In examining issues such as these, the participant will have the chance to find an overview of her experiences in BodySoul, and through that, hopefully to find a new grounding or standpoint to launch into the future.  Voice, movement, and discussion are the channels for our explorations.

Morning discussion will draw upon readings from Woodman and Jung; in particular from Jung’s Zarathustra Seminars, and from Woodman’s Conscious Femininity.  We will also consider brief excerpts from Esther Harding’s Woman’s Mysteries, and Murray Stein’s The Principle of Individuation.  To allow the “theory” to be alive and personal, we will delve inwardly through writing and art; and of course through the body.

You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours.  When you truly possess all you have been and done which may take some time, you are fierce with reality.
Florida Scott-Maxwell

Let us become “fierce with reality.”

This Seminar qualifies as a make-up seminar for any woman from the Leadership Training Program who is completing requirements toward her Certificate of Completion.


Completion of two BodySoul Intensives


Santa Barbara, California, La Casa de Maria Retreat and Conference Center

Location Description:

La Casa de Maria Retreat Center is located near Santa Barbara, California (approximately 90 miles north of Los Angeles).

La Casa de Maria can be found at the end of a winding lane canopied in dense foliage, leading from the Upper Village in Montecito. The Center is set in a secret garden, guarded by woodlands and the tumbling waters of the San Ysidro Creek, its ambience is that of a much-loved country house through which many generations have passed and left their mark.

At almost every turn it holds surprises to delight the eyes, layered with love over the years.  A fountain here, a sculpture there, rare specimen trees and shrubs in magnificent maturity, chickens scratching in the organic vegetable gardens.  Shady vistas down woodland paths, views over orange groves and across meadows scented with wild fennel will take your breath away.



$1,950 – single room with private bath
$1,840 – double room with semi-private bath (shared with 1 other person)
$1,775 – triple room with semi-private bath
(shared with 2 other people)

Note: When applying to this program, please complete the “Seminar” application.

Refund Policy:

If you cancel before January 16, 2012, we will refund your fee less $100. After January 16, 2012 we cannot refund your fee unless we can replace you in the program. We will do our best to do this. If we can replace you (after January 16, 2012), we will refund your fee less $250 plus any charges incurred at the facility. We must have notice of cancellation in writing.

Programs will not be canceled if one of the instructors can’t attend. If any instructor is unable to attend, a similarly qualified colleague will substitute. We cannot refund your fee if one of the instructors cannot participate. Once enrolled, if you must transfer to a different program, a $100 transfer fee will be charged.


27 hours of continuing education units, approved by California State Boards, are offered to MFTs, LCSWs, and RNs. Most US states accept these CEUs. Please check with your state licensing board.