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The Marion Woodman Foundation is proud to be a resource for those looking to learn about Marion Woodman’s work (along with her work with Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner), as well as those who are familiar with the work and would like to find resources for more workshops/providers or information.


Marion Woodman 2019 Calendar







(Please note: An error was made on the photo credit on the June 2019 page of the calendar. The correct credit for the beautiful photograph of Marion Woodman is courtesy of Joan Brooks Baker. We apologize for this error.)

The Marion Woodman Foundation Board is delighted to announce the availability of a 2019 wall calendar honoring Marion Woodman on the occasion of her 90th birthday. The calendar (front and back seen above) can be ordered below.

We hope you enjoy the images and quotes in the calendar throughout the coming year! Thank you, dear friends, for supporting the ongoing work of the Marion Woodman Foundation and for helping us to celebrate Marion’s remarkable legacy.

The cost (that includes shipping) of the calendar is:
$10 US — if mailed to an address in the USA
$15 US — if mailed to an address outside of the USA

You can order below if paying by credit card. If you would prefer to mail a check, please mail it to:
MWF, PO Box 3258, Clearlake, CA 95422   USA

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Dear Friends,

As we all work our way through the mix of emotion, love, loss and even joy, the Marion Woodman Foundation Board has also been coordinating with several threads of our worldwide, virtual community. We share that with you here.

The funeral for Marion was a private event, held on Monday July 16. In cooperation with the wishes of the family, the MWF Board would like you to know the following:

·  We sent flowers to Marion’s funeral from the Board on behalf of all the members of the Foundation.

·  We have written a Prose and a Poem that were read at the funeral. The text of both are included below.

·  We are including a link to Marion’s obituary that ran in the Toronto Star.  We encourage you to visit this site and leave comments in the guestbook.

·  We encourage you to download the conversation between Marion and Robert Bly that is free for a month (thru August 12) through “Better Listen” We are working with Better Listen to make more of Marion’s work available and will keep you updated.


Prose from the Board

There is a community of men and women spread across the earth who have read Marion Woodman’s books, listened to her recordings, attended lectures, workshops and intensives and they have been changed by the experience.

There is a community of women who have held each other, moved together, shared dreams, stories and their souls within the loving witness of Marion Woodman and they have been changed by the experience.

There is a group of women trained in the work of BodySoul Rhythms® and the emergence of conscious femininity as envisioned by Marion Woodman and they have been changed by the experience.

Marion passed from one world to another – she was accompanied by the love, prayers, poems, tears and laughter of this worldwide community – all of whom have been so touched, so moved, so changed by her energy and vision and love.

There is an energy that is working its way through this community — a feminine energy with a strong masculine partner – and this energy is determined to carry forward Marion’s work — to change the world.  And for the love and encouragement Marion gave each of us we all send our deepest, most loving gratitude.

Marion was a woman capable of great loving.  And she was greatly loved.


Poem from the Board


Oh noble-hearted Marion,
beloved teacher and friend,

Your dear form
valiant, beautiful, long-lived champion of this earth
We must lovingly surrender now. 

You are made new!

As we gaze into the mystery of your new estate, we see you everywhere
~ now garbed in luminosity ~

dancing, laughing, hair flying, alive.

You’re in our dreams, Marion, and in our bones and in our work to heal both feminine and masculine in this world.

What you have taught us in your victorious life has changed us, so that we too, can be made new.

You taught us ~

to love one soul at a time into singing her very own song

to never again turn away from our own innocent flesh

to make a place at the table for all the parts of ourselves

to dance upon the earth as the soft strong animals we are made to be

to remain still, wait, hold, sense, rest

to let our walls of ignorance and fear crack open and pour out tenderness upon ourselves and one another

to know that we are all worth cherishing

to celebrate life as a joyous embrace ~ a love affair between Holy Lightening and Sacred Earth

to remember that when it’s time to say goodbye, we will not be alone


Oh noble hearted Marion, beloved teacher and friend,

In deepest gratitude,


With all our love, respect, grief and gratitude we remain,

Your Marion Woodman Foundation Board

Patricia Patrick, Chair
Sarah Przekwas, Vice Chair
Jean Palmer-Daley, Secretary
Cindy Jacobs, Treasurer
Fionnuala Bates
Joy Bloom
Sophie Eurich-Rascoe
Suzy Green




BodySoul Community Workshops
There are many women who teach BodySoul Community Workshops that share Marion’s vision. These programs will continue to be offered in several different places around the world. See Current BodySoul Community Workshops.


We will be updating everyone with new information on the website as it becomes available. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Program Office at