Marion Woodman and the Conscious Feminine: Marion Woodman in Conversation with Marlene Schiwy

Marlene Schiwy’s DVD interviews with Marion Woodman are a precious resource. Marlene’s understanding of Marion’s BodySoul work enables her to ask the right questions in a sensitive and thoughtful manner, drawing Marion out in a lovely way. Marion is wise and articulate as she discusses her lifelong work. For anyone who never had the chance to meet Marion Woodman, this is a rare opportunity to see, hear, and be inspired by her. For those who have worked with Marion, the DVDs are a wonderful reminder of her and her teaching. These DVDs keep Marion’s work alive, and are a gift to all of us.

~ Patty Flowers
Program Director, Marion Woodman Foundation, 2001-2010

This Marion Woodman DVD series is a gift of gold brought to us by Marlene Schiwy and Lael McCall. Marlene is a gifted interviewer, her questions providing a unobtrusive structure and soulful container that allow the viewer a sense of direct connection to Marion’s essence, her wisdom and teachings.

~ Andrea Wells, MFT
Graduate of Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program
Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Santa Cruz, CA

This set of six DVD’s, created by Marlene Schiwy and Lael McCall affords the viewer an in-depth study of both the body of work created by Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman, as well as an in depth glimpse of the spirit of this gifted woman.

Marlene captures the essence of Marion Woodman, her passion for, and depth of understanding of C. G. Jung’s theories, and the evolution in the study of consciousness, particularly through the body for both men and women. It is a captivating series of conversations. Those that have studied with Marion, as well as those new to her views on Jung’s psychology will have the benefit of the legacy of her work and the energy she moves with in describing her life, her work, her passions.

~ Judy D. Zappacosta, MFT
Certified Sandplay Teacher in Sandplay Therapists of America (STA)
In private practice in Santa Cruz, California

I have eagerly awaited the completion and release of Marion Woodman & the Conscious Feminine since August of 2005 when Marlene Schiwy, MA, PhD and Lael McCall of Principia Productions, Ltd began filming extensive interviews with Marion Woodman in the tenderness of Marion’s home in London, Ontario, Canada. Marlene’s skillful inquiry coupled with Lael McCall’s devotion to capturing the warm, intimate exchange between the two women have chronicled Marion’s life work in a way that reflects the munificence contained in her teachings. To my way of thinking, these wonderful DVDs are the best audio/visual account of Marion Woodman’s hard-won wisdom and way of life.

~ Susan E. Adams
Chairperson, Marion Woodman Foundation, 2013

In this set of six DVDs (9.5 hours), Marlene Schiwy interviews Marion Woodman on a wide variety of topics including: the Death Mother and Death Father archetypes, the essence of dreams, the spiritual meaning of addiction, creativity as a healing force, and stories from Marion’s own analyses with Dr. Bennet and Miss Hannah.

Additionally, there is a one hour segment featuring both Marion and Ross Woodman and another hour with Marion and Marlene together on screen. For a full listing of topics covered in the interviews click here.

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