MWF-BSE Intensive Renewal 2014: Re-Newing Our Relationship to the Shadow

Marian Dunlea, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner
September 6-12, 2014

The original work of BSR® was to awaken consciousness of shadow material in order to release energies of the Soul.


In the Intensives, the Jung/Woodman models of the psyche, dreams, body/voice, mask, and artwork facilitate the emergence of shadow and the beginning of its integration with the Self.


Renewal was intended as a time for those already practiced in these basic tenets of BSR® to deepen their experience and to recognize the evolution of the shadow figure or material already in consciousness as evidenced by the mask.

To confront a person with her shadow is to show her her own light.  (“Good and Evil in Analytical Psychology” (1959). In CW 10. Civilization in Transition. P.872)

In this workshop we will be re-newing our relationship to the Shadow.

• Choose to work with one of your masks to experience the shadow material “newly”.

• Choose to make a “new” mask of shadow – one knocking at the door of consciousness.

• Work with your mask of presence and your shadow mask creating a conversation between the stillpoint and your shadow figure.

In this way, we will “re-new” our connection to the Shadow by exploring and integrating its ever-revealing energy. We will listen to the dream’s resonance in the body, tracking where the energy wants to go.  A soul’s journey is never done – vulnerable, spiritual, human being always.


With enthusiasm and love, we invite you to join us in the work and in the play learn the facts here now.




Enrollment is limited to graduates of the Marion Woodman Foundation Leadership Training Program or qualifying BodySoul Europe members.


Croydon Hall, Felons Oak, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 6QT, England, UK

Location Description:

The accommodations are a mixture of single ensuite (with private bath in room), single with shared bathroom and double ensuite (with private bath in room). All linens and towels are provided.

The facility has wonderful gardens to relax in with outside seating, a heated swimming pool from May to November, and a modern spa with Jacuzzi, two saunas and steam room which can be pre-booked. For more information go to


Single room A- ensuite (private bath in room) is $2,704 ($1,385 tuition + $1,319 room/board)

Single room B – shared bath is $2,629 ($1,385 tuition + $1,244 room/board)

Double room A – ensuite (private bath in room) is $2,479 ($1,385 tuition + $1,094 room/board)

Double room B – shared bath is $2,404 ($1,385 tuition + $1,019 room/board)


Fee includes 6 nights lodging and meals (beginning with dinner on September 6, ending with breakfast on September 12)

Refund Policy:

If you cancel before July 6, we will refund your fee less $100. After July 6 we cannot refund your fee unless we can replace you in the program. We will do our best to do this. If we can replace you (after July 6), we will refund your fee less $250 plus any charges incurred at the facility. We must have notice of cancellation in writing.

Programs will not be canceled if one of the instructors can’t attend. If any instructor is unable to attend, a similarly qualified colleague will substitute. We cannot refund your fee if one of the instructors cannot participate. Once enrolled, if you must transfer to a different program, a $100 transfer fee will be charged.


40 hours