Reclaiming Our Lives, Living in Earth: A Workshop for Women

Jean Esther, Polly Howells, and Janice Stieber Rous
April 17-22, 2012

Today we as women are increasingly called to leadership. As we move into this role, we run the risk of splitting ourselves off from Earth, both the earth we stand on and the earth of our own bodies. In this year's workshop we will follow the paths of Persephone, the daughter who falls, seemingly unconscious, deep beneath the earth to be Hades' queen, and Demeter, her goddess mother who wanders, mourning, throughout the world causing widespread natural devastation until she and her daughter are reunited. In the course of their rupture and reconnection each woman learns the necessity of separation and union, dark and light, and honoring the masculine as well as the feminine within herself.

We invite you to join us in the majestic beauty of the Berkshire Mountains, where, in early spring, we will weave the themes of this myth into a tapestry that has personal meaning for each of us. Silent meditation, music and movement, art, dreams, and poetry, as well as time spent in the natural world, will reveal to us the threads of our stories that have brought us this far, and will enhance our growing awareness of our deep connection to our selves and our commitment to the earth we inhabit.

All three teachers have completed the BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program with Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, movement specialist Mary Hamilton, and voice coach Ann Skinner.

April 17-22, 2012, 6 pm, Tuesday evening -1 pm, Sunday

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Accommodations include gourmet meals, as well as all taxes and service charges.
Single room: $775 ($157 per night)
Double room: $610 ($122 per night)
Triple room: $525 ($105 per night)


$700 (a $300 deposit is required upon enrollment; deposit is refundable minus a $75 processing fee, until March 20, 2102). Scholarships are available.