Reclaiming Our Lives, Reclaiming our Earth, A Workshop for Women

Polly Howells, Janice Stieber Rous, and Jean Esther
March 9-13, 2011

Today we as women are increasingly called to leadership. As we move into this role, we run the risk of splitting ourselves off from the earth, both the earth we stand on and the earth of our own bodies. In this workshop we will follow the mythological trail of our ancient Greek ancestor Athena, who, in anger, changed her beautiful Gorgon sister into the snake-haired Medusa. All who looked at Medusa were turned to Stone. Athena ordered Medusa slain, but then chose to rule with a likeness of this shadow sister's horrific head on her breastplate, proclaiming, for all to see, the necessity of balancing light and dark, in our hearts and in our lives.

We invite you to join us in the majestic beauty of the Berkshire Mountains, where, in late winter, we will weave the themes of this myth into a tapestry that has personal meaning for each of us. Silent meditation, music and movement, art, dreams, and poetry, as well as time spent in the natural world, will reveal to us the threads of our stories that have brought us this far, and will enhance our growing awareness of our deep connection to our selves and our commitment to the earth we inhabit.

March 9-13, 2011, 6 pm Wednesday-1pm Sunday.

How to Register:

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Single, Double, or Triple Rooms


Tuition: $600
Single room: $627 Double room: $488 Triple room: $420