Samhain BodyDreaming™ in Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Marian Dunlea
October 31-November 1, 2014

In the Celtic tradition, Samhain marks the beginning of the New Year on November 1st. The Cailleach, the Old Hag of Winter, makes her descent into the Underworld to incubate the seeds of the new life that will emerge at Imbolc, the Celtic spring. In this workshop we will attune ourselves to the ‘underworld’ of the body, the somatic unconscious. We will focus on establishing the body’s natural harmonic rhythm by regulating cycles of arousal, and in this way support the incubation of the images arising from the cellular depths.


In this creative and embodied approach we will learn practical skills for dealing with threshold moments generated by the autonomic nervous system. These moments of activation and/or complexes may trigger states of hyper-arousal and dissociation in ourselves and in our clients. I will demonstrate our capacity to regulate and titrate these moments using right hemisphere interventions, including orienting, movement, gesture, voice, art, and dream work. This workshop will provide a rich and deep introduction to BodySoul work.


Dates: October 31-November 1, 2014, 6pm Friday-5pm Saturday

How to Register:

For an application form contact Benedicte Lampe at or email for more information


Standard rate: CHF 395 for a single room and CHF 375 for a double shared room

Student rate: CHF 345 for a single room and CHF 325 for a double shared room

Fee includes tuition, 1 night lodging and the following meals: dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday


9 hours CPDs