The Soul’s Code

Andrea Wells and Marlene Schiwy
October 6, 2012

"The image, by the sheer force of its presence, can change us to the core."     Marion Woodman


Have you ever wondered if you have a destiny? A life calling? What experiences have shaped the life you are living today? Events that seem completely unrelated may begin to take on new meaning when looking through the lens of destiny.

This day-long retreat is an exploration into your soul’s calling. In The Soul’s Code, Jungian Analyst James Hillman pro- poses that our calling in life came with us into this world at birth, and that it’s our mission in life to realize its imperatives. He calls this the “acorn theory” — the idea that our lives are formed by a particular image, just as the oak’s destiny is contained in the tiny acorn. How might Hillman’s Acorn Theory change the way you look at your past and present and how you go about making future choices?

We will use writing, movement, and simple art to explore the unique images that resonate with your body and soul. These practices are drawn on the work of Marion Woodman and BodySoul Rhythms®. Please bring a dream that you are curious about, a journal or sketchbook, and an image that draws you. (can be a postcard, a photo, a magazine clipping etc.)

Saturday, October 6, 2012, 10 am-5:30 pm.
There will be tea and muffins available at 9:30 am.


How to Register:

Mail a check for $145 to Andrea Wells, PO Box 365, Santa Cruz, CA 95061. For more information contact Andrea at 831-425-3369 or


$145, includes lunch, refreshments and materials.


10 CEUs are available for an additional $15 for MFT and LCSW