What Ever Happened to the Fairy Godmother: A Day For Women with Mary Hamilton, M.ED

Mary Hamilton
November 6, 2010

Come join with others to nourish our soul-body selves and playfully explore the Cinderella story and how it plays out in our lives as modern women juggling many tasks and roles. Why do we sometimes feel trapped in a life that somehow doesn't quite feel like our own? What are our particular scripts of the wicked step-sisters and step-mother, in our psyche? And where IS the fairy godmother? A time to connect, laugh, and share our struggles and wisdom with Mary Hamilton guiding us gently with her many years of experience in facilitation and life!

November 6, Saturday, 10 am-4 pm


How to Register:

Contact Helen Battler at 519-266-9400, soulquest@primus.ca



$75 CAD, includes lunch.