Where the Water Meets the Sky: Illuminating the Unique Partnership of the Feminine and the Masculine

Marian Dunlea, Sheila Langston, and Sue Congram
July 7-14, 2014

“There’s a point at which one must start caring
Where one fixes one’s vision on high
Don a mantle of vision and daring
Tis where the water meets the sky.”
– David Whalen

The pathway toward wholeness requires a consciousness of both the feminine and the masculine. How do these energies move both in the body and in the psyche? With a focus on the inner relationship between the feminine and the masculine in this intensive, we will explore how these opposites move us and guide us both in the outer world, and in our relationships.

We will work with dreams, myth, mask-making, the body, voice and art. Through these varied means, we will discover the lived experience of these forces of the feminine and the masculine.  We will meet the changing faces of the archetypes in each of us, in our dreams, in our art, and in our bodies.  What is the feminine and masculine in the voice, what different movements convey expression from both partners? How does one support the other?  How are they culturally viewed and how has that shaped each of us as we are today?

The myth of Amor and Psyche will provide us with a mirror and a map.  In Psyche, we see a heroine who has to complete a series of impossible tasks on her quest for wholeness. We will consider these tasks in the light of the feminine and masculine energies within us.  Discovering how these energies meet and part in the body, as well as in the psyche, brings us towards the possibility of a new partnership in the dance between the two.


Open to women with at least 50 hours Jungian analysis/therapy and 50 hours active bodywork (such as yoga, tai chi, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais, 5Rhythms – bodywork that uses imagery and/or conscious attention), or consent of instructor


Dunderry Lodge, Dunderry, County Meath, Ireland

Location Description:

Located approximately 30 miles north of Dublin, Ireland


Shared room: Fee is $2,595 (Tuition is $1,595, Room and Board is $1,000)

Fee includes all course costs, 7 nights lodging, and all meals. Fee is listed and must be paid in US dollars.

Refund Policy:

If you cancel before May 7, 2014, we will refund your fee less $100. After May 7, 2014 we cannot refund your fee unless we can replace you in the program. We will do our best to do this. If we can replace you (after May 7, 2014), we will refund your fee less $250 plus any charges incurred at the facility. We must have notice of cancellation in writing.


Programs will not be canceled if one of the instructors can’t attend. If any instructor is unable to attend, a similarly qualified colleague will substitute. We cannot refund your fee if one of the instructors cannot participate. Once enrolled, if you must transfer to a different program, a $100 transfer fee will be charged.



48 hours of continuing education units, approved by California State Boards, are offered to MFTs, LCSWs, and RNs. Most US states accept these CEUs. Please check with your state licensing board.