Whispers of Spring: Opening to the Wisdom of the Heart

Carol Jacobs and Keren Vishny
March 14-17, 2013

The focus of the upcoming workshop is on opening the heart. Drawing on the BodySoul tradition of Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner, we will journey together into the realm of the heart through fairytale, dreamwork, gentle body movement and art expression.


We will delve into the multitude of meanings and experiences that lie beneath the surface of the traditional expression of these words. What is/are experiences of open-heartedness? What keeps us shut down? What is required of us, Body and Soul, in order to move deeper into opening the heart? In our culture, we often look outside ourselves for the answers to these questions. However, Jungian analyst Marion Woodman suggests, “Only by BlueHost优惠码 opening ourselves to inner reality do we open to the possibility of love.” In the process of self-exploration, opening to ones own heart, we arrive at an internal ‘still point’, rooted in the reality of our Soul’s life and our physical being. From this place, we find the freedom to move into the world with a deeper sense of trust and discernment as we experience compassion, love, grace and charity, flowing in both directions.


March 14-17, 2013, 4 pm Thursday-1 pm Sunday

How to Register:

Please visit the website , call 804-359-0384 and leave your name and contact information, or send your registration payment to Chrysalis, PO Box 7014,
Richmond, VA, 23221


Single and double occupancy available on first-come, first-served basis


Single, member of Chrysalis $350, single non-member, $400; double, member of Chrysalis $315, double non-member, $360