Winding and Weaving the Conscious Feminine: A Weekend Retreat for Women seeking a renewed connection to the Divine by walking their Inner Path

Vicki Lanier and Barbara Nicholson
October 8-10, 2010

This retreat will offer women an opportunity to deepen their understanding of, and connection with the Conscious Feminine. Renowned Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman talks about her life experiences through the lens of a labyrinth saying:

"…. I was still living my life as though it were a maze. A maze is a puzzle to be solved. It has dead ends. You may get lost in a maze …. following a dream …. my life opened as a labyrinth. The labyrinth looks superficially like a maze but it is different. There are no dead ends, no traps. There is only one path, and it takes you by a circuitous route to the center."

We will explore the labyrinth using the principles of Marion Woodman's teachings and BodySoul Rhythms®. In this experiential and educational workshop, we will help women connect to body and soul through the use of dreams, journaling, gentle movement, voice, and simple art. Within the sacred space (temenos) of this weekend using myth and imagination, one is invited to find a healing path to New Possibilities and New Life.

October 8-10, 2010. 5pm Friday-2pm Sunday.


How to Register:

Contact Vicki Lanier at 757-596-7938, or Barbara Nicholson at 603-926-3590,



$450, scholarships available – contact Vicki or Barbara below for scholarship information.


17 CEUs available for a small fee.